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The project implementation area is located directly on the border between Croatia, Hungary and Serbia in the Baranja region.

Baranya (Hungarian: Baranya, German: Branau) is a geographic region that is administratively divided between Croatia and Hungary. The Hungarian part of Baranja is a separate county, while the Croatian part of Baranja is part of the Osijek-Baranja County, and in the translation of the original name from the Hungarian language Baranya means “Mother of wine”



Baranya is located on the far eastern and peripheral parts of Croatia. It is a typical Pannonian region and a smaller spatial-geographical unit whose triangular area is clearly separated by the currents of the Drava in the south and west, and the Danube in the east, which forms a natural boundary to Serbia. The state border to Hungary, 65 km long, separates a small part of Baranja in Croatia from a larger part located in Hungary.

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