The concept of integrated projects is the result of our project team working in co-operation with independent experts and across the scientific community on international integration of goods, technology, labor and capital through circular economy systems that combines material, financial, transport and energy loopholes, reducing raw material, goods and energy slowdown , with an innovative and unique concept, rational organization and efficient management, fast and efficient performance of all services, ensuring good co-operation and user connectivity, functioning in full autonomy, aimed at ensuring economic viability, exceptional efficiency and competitiveness.



All of our theoretical achievements were empirically tested on detailed simulated economic models.The concept through simulated nonlinear models and feasibility studies proves its economic viability.

The project group “Substruction” represent the basis for the development of the overall concept and make projects related to the production of energy from renewable sources. This part of the concept is the most demanding financial implementation phase, whose implementation places a strong foundation for the implementation of the overall concept.This matrix initiates a positive flow of money and an objective analysis of financial and economic indicators by CRAs, which should provide “Due dilligence” with the evaluation of the issuer (the holder of the concept of integrated projects), and also enable a high quality rating of the credit rating.



The project group “Superstructure” represents the logical extension of the “Substruction” project groups, which initiate the entry into the sphere of the most advanced technologies and the fulfillment of the fundamental goals of the “GREEN TRIANGLE concept of integrated projects”, such as the implementation of new technologies and the provision of a regenerative circular system aimed at to achieve better efficiency and competitiveness, making this concept unique.



The project group “Sublimation” represent the expansion of scientific and technological concentration by sublimating the predetermined advantages of project implementation locations.Concentration of a respectable scientific elite that will work through scientific research laboratories and Centers of Excellence to apply and develop new advanced technologies and expand activities to create new staffs capable of sustainable development of planned projects for the promotion of society, production and processing of organic food.The unique position, the size of land in one piece, soil quality, old culture, the way of organization of agricultural production, advanced technology in primary processing and storage, traditional production with the most advanced quality control systems, innovative ecological packaging, results in premium quality and with respectable production capacity with an advanced distribution channel and hence the concept of being one of the largest organic food producers in Europe.